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Service Offerings


 Based on the Electronic Waste Management legislation of South Africa, we strife to offer the following e-Waste services.

End-of-Life Equipment
We collect old, broken and redundant equipment IT and other electronic equipment free of charge from your premises.

Free Evaluation of your redundant Equipment

When it is time for an upgrade, we will come to your premises free of charge and give you an evaluation of your old and redundant IT equipment. This value can be used as a trade-in on your new equipment.

Testing and Refurbishment

According to legislation, before IT equipment can be destroyed, it must be tested and refurbished. We can refurbish and test IT equipment on your behalf. Afterwards it can be sold or donated to charity. When donating old equipment to charity, this can be used as part of your company's social upliftment program.

Recycling Certificate
We will issue collection, recycling and destruction certificates for all IT and electronic equipment collected from your premises.