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Steel Works:

Security Gates

Our Security Gates range from the basic to the elaborate design and if you prefer secure or “Fort Knox” we can make it for you.


  • Bar Fencing:  We only use steel arrows (which do not break off compared to competitors cast iron ones) and whilst attractive also act as a serious deterrent.  Our steel fence panels placed between pillars, match our driveway and garden gates, which will give your property a secure, attractive upliftment.
  • Palisade Fencing: If Palilsade is your choice, no problem, we also specialise in this service with all the gates to match

Burglar Bars

  • Spanish Bars internal and external. This type of burglar proofing can be fitted to the outside walls or the inside window reveals with a basic design or a more “wrought iron” look can be adopted with gates to match.
  • Cottage Pane. these bars can be fitted into the wooden frames or into the plaster work of the window revels.


Our custom designs in Balustrades are all tailored to meet the aesthetics of a home and personal tastes.  From the home owner's brief to the design, manufacturing and installation process, our custom designed steel balustrades, hand railings and staircases will become the centre piece of your home.