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Fibre Optic Services.

Copper Fibre Africa offer full comprehensive fibre optic turnkey solutions.

New Installations

Fibre to the home/business - Our FTTX services offers you fast and effecient turnkey solutions for the installation of high speed internet lines at very compettitive rates. Home and business can now enjoy a whole new way of connecting and streaming music, movies, skype and gaming. Fibre offers a fast and stable connection even during peak times.

Duct Integrity Testing

We offer duct integrity testing which is a way to qualify that ducts has been installed correctly without kinks and to ensure that there is no debris or water blocking the ducts. We issue test certificates which is widely accepted by all service providers. These certificates confirm that the integrity of these ducts pass or fail and that they are fit or unfit for floating fibre.

Hydro Flushing of Fibre Ducts

Copper Fibre Africa has developed a new process of flushing fibre duct by using water under extreme high pressure together with special chemicals. This process gets rid of mud, grime and debris from new or existing duct infrastructure making the ducts usable again.

Fibre Duct fault location and repairs

CFA has a special way to accurately pin-point and detecting faults underground. We will excavate withing 100mm of the fault and repair duct without damaging existing fibre infrastructure.

Fibre Floating

We make use of the conventional way of fibre floating or fibre jetting. We can float fibre from 1.5mm up to 6mm fibre. This include mini fibre, drop fibre and micro duct fibre with distances of up to 2.5km in a single blow. Slag management is also part of this service. With accurate calculations we can minimise fibre wastage within 10 meters of the overall distance.

Fibre Splicing and Termination

Our specialised technicians make use of core-alignment arc-fusion splice machines to join the fibre together. We can terminate any type of fibre and failure rate is less than 0.001% of all splices done on single mode and less than 0.003% on multimode. We pride ourselves in working neatly and accurately whilst not compromising on speed and efficiency.

Fibre Testing and Qualification

We have several Exfo OTDR's that can accurately test all types of fibres up to 160 kilometres. Launch and receiver fibres will be used upon request. IOLM testing, normal fibre testing as well as light-source and power meter test results can be obtained and submitted to the client.

Fault Finding and Repairs

Out fibre technicians are trained to locate faults within a few meters of the actual fault. Utilizing splice plans, floating plans and calculating in-line slag coils, we can accurately determine the location of a specific fault. Whilst testing, we always have all the relevant equipment and stock available to execute an on-site repair within an hour of locating the fault.