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Civil Engineering 

Survey and design 

Copper Fibre Africa has the capacity to produce Topographical plans, Right of Way’s (ROW’s) Locality’s, Schematics, Bill of Material (BOM), Bill of Services (BOS) and As-planned Quotations.

With our years of combined experience in architecture, fibre optic planning and installation/ construction services - our planning department takes every little fact into consideration to build and plan our projects with zero tolerance on variations.  

Site Built

Copper Fibre Africa will take pride in the Customer’s trenching requirements. Research indicates that the most common problem on contractors’ sites is known as the zigzag trench. 

Copper Fibre Africa commits to producing straight trenches in order to minimize fibre hauling and/ or blowing complications.

According to research, another common problem on contractors’ sites is the fact that they don’t meet their required depth as outlined in their SLA. Copper Fibre Africa will ensure that all our trenching depth is in line with the Customer’s specifications and/ or requirements. Where the required depth cannot be reached due to geographical complications, Copper Fibre Africa commits to communicating such complications to the responsible Project Manager, alerting the Project Manager to the complications, and simultaneously proposing solutions for the Customer’s approval. Detailed reports will be generated to ensure accurate record keeping. The completion of the project and methods to address the encountered complication will be based on the Customer’s instruction.

Copper Fibre Africa prefers to utilise the prefabricated method in respect of the installation of manholes. The reasoning for this is to ensure consistency in the appearance of the inside of manholes. However, one cannot ignore the fact that competitive service providers and other basic services may exist where a Customer’s infrastructure is due to be installed. To address this, Copper Fibre Africa has the in house capability to produce brick built manholes where no prefabricated unit can be installed due existing services.

The specifications for brick built manholes will be in 1m (w) x 1m (l) x 1m (h), or as per industry, or the Customer’s, standards and specifications. Copper Fibre Africa undertakes that entry points in brick built manholes will be located in its correct position. Spare ducts will always be foamed or sealed as per the Customer’s specifications and fibre optic cables entering our manholes will be labelled accordingly.

Copper Fibre Africa will lay the main and inner duct, including Sub-duct’s, in accordance with the Customer’s standard specifications on the installation or laying of its infrastructure. Bedding and Padding will be laid as per the Customer’s specifications in an effort to extend the lifespan of material and infrastructure.

All our trenches will have danger tape laid on new ducts to minimize the potential of damages from future trenching works on existing infrastructure. Copper Fibre Africa will seal all none used ducts that enter into manholes from water, dust, mud, or any other material that might cause a blockage to the infrastructure.  

All our trenches/ excavations will be adequately compacted to meet the Customer’s specifications, and also those of the Johannesburg Roads Agency. DCP testing will be done to all excavation works and test results will be submitted to all parties concerned.Copper Fibre Africa will utilise its in house reinstatement team to restore excavated surfaces, and that of surrounding affected areas, to its original condition, if not better.