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Access Control Systems
What is Access Control?

Access Control is defined as the ability to Control and Report on “Who – Where – When”

In today’s challenging environments it is essential to have an Access Control Solution to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, customers and assets.

Copper Fibre Africa has vast experience in Access control solutions and can provide solutions for both

  • Biometric Access Control (where a person’s fingerprint will be scanned to allow access)
  • Card or tag Access Control (Where a person will be using a tag or card to gain access into a building)

With your access control, there is always software, the software will allow you to

  • Enroll users with their credentials
  • Define access levels, to allow or deny access to specific areas within your organization
  • Time Scheduling, if you have after hours’ cleaners in the office you can allow them access into the building, on specific days and times
  • Alerts – this will alert you via e-mail or sms if someone entered the building at a none authorized time for further investigations

For more information, please contact us, and one of our in-house solutions experts will assist.

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